Friday, 1 January 2016

Hour of Code @RatnamSchoolTirupati

Event name : HourOfCode- Tirupati

Description : The hour of code is an event held for improvising the computer knowledge of the school children.
As a part of Teach Mozilla, the initiative of promoting open web has been put forth.

Agenda :
Making the school children aware of
1) Computer and its components
2) Hardware elements of a computer
3) Block diagram of a computer
4) What is software?
5) What is internet?
6) What is a Web browser?
7) What is a website? ,about URL
8) Using internet, advantages
9) What is HTML and its introduction.
10) Demo session about developing a static page using basic tags.

The event THE HOUR OF CODE is held in Ratnam High School, Tirupati. The children were 7th and 8th standard ones and were very enthusiastic about learning about computer. The event started with my talk about a computer. I just wanted to make the session interactive, so, started with a questionnaire about computer physical devices. Later I asked what a computer is and went onto discussion about software, hardware, etc.

Then Dinesh took upon the session and spoke about the block diagram of a computer and explained clearly about it to the children.
Then I told them what a web browser is and explained about websites and internet.
Later Dinesh showed them a demo of using internet, followed by describing the advantages of internet. Then he told them about HTML and I explained about various tags by showing them a demo of the tags and building a basic webpage.
Later there was swag distribution to the attendees and the children were happy for those.

My special thanks for Rep Gautam Sharma for supporting us to organizing this event and making it a success.
We wish to organize some more Hour of Code sessions in different schools.

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Firefox Appdays

And finally, the Firefox OS app development event stated in Tirupati after a postpone of programme for a week..
   There is a flood of new fsa's into the crowd as they are very much interested in app development
The event started by an icebreaker session by Dinesh Mv in which all the attendees expressed their willingness to learn something from us..
Later I took upon the session and told them what is Firefox OS, its beginning, developer community for Firefox and several such things. I taught them about b2g kernal and their terms used explained  about ide for wiring app code and told about the languages that are used in the development of Firefox OS apps. 
And then Uday took over the session and taught the students about HTML and CSS.

Then there was an introduction to Mozilla community and FSA programme to all the new fsa's by Dinesh which is followed by an hands on session for practising HTML in web ide .
Later they were taught about the manifest file and how to deploy an app and submit for review by Dinesh.
All the attendees were very much happy about the event and they were looking forward to participate in further app development programmes conducted by the community and we were very happy at the response and are looking forward to conduct more and more events on app development which gives the students develop many apps for Firefox OS.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Firefox Growth Campaign in Tirupati

Hey Mozillians,

              FoxYeah Campaign is going on all over the world to spread the all new version of Firefox.As a part of Firefox Growth Campaign in India, Mozilla Tirupati Community also played its role in the campaign. The event was confirmed a few days before and invited all the FSA's and mozillians in Tirupati.

      Dinesh started the event welcoming the attendees and spoke the outline of the campaign. Then called up for an ice breaker session which ended with self introduction of the attendees, later on talked about the history of firefox- how it became alive- and few things surprised the attendees like

* Firefox browser is made up of 4million lines of code.
* 40% of code for firefox browser was written by more than 40,000 volunteers.
* 17000, Add-ons were developed by volunteers.



          After that, I made an interactive session asking some questions about basics of internet and the major concern while using net, and finally led to privacy which Mozilla is offering to its users and continued expalining about the features like Firefox Hello, Pocket,a few addons like light beam, firebug etc and ended the session with a demo on customization of web browser.


    Sumanth along with us cut #FoxYeah cake and served snacks for attendees 


       After refreshments, Uday called up a Brainstorming session which curated attendees to speak out about their innovative ideas that must be implemented to enhance the standards of our mozilla community, later on, he curated them to think about Startup ideas and thrown a few examples which intrigued attendees.

             Our  FSA's are very happy for organizing such a campaign in our community :)